Approach to

Webinar Training

Supplier University’s knowledge model mirrors the three Federal Acquisition Process (FAP) categories.  Each category includes webinars you may select to enhance your current level of knowledge and understanding of the federal acquisition system.  Our objective is to help you identify gaps in your firm’s development strategy, thus better positioning you for success as you face the challenges of contracting with the federal government. 

Category I – Acquisition Disciplines

If you have some, limited or no government contracting experience, Category I courses provide foundational knowledge essential in establishing an understanding of the federal acquisition system.

Category II – Contract Solicitation and Formation

This category offers courses that will help you establish a solid understanding  of the government’s processes associated with the solicitation, evaluation and award of a contract. Our courses are centered on strengthening a firm’s competitive advantage. Our proposal development course (SU-290) is one of the key courses in this category.

Category III – Contract Administration

This category represents core areas associated with what is important to know once you are awarded a contract. Course instruction will focus on each parties role, responsibilities as well as key government expectations during performance of the work. Also addressed is what you should know and expect during periods of unsatisfactory performance, disruption, disputes or controversy.